Save Up To $3,650 With Double Rebates!

As part of the Home Renovation Rebate program, FortisBC has doubled the rebates on select upgrades to make it more affordable to purchase high-efficiency space heating equipment and products.

Demand Heater Benefits – It’s time to go tankless!

There are quite a few benefits to giving Gandy a call for installation of a Rheem or Navien tankless water heater. Taylor Gandy, General Manager at Gandy Installations shared some valuable info about tank system technology.  “The benefits of an on demand heater are – unlimited hot water– once the hot water starts, it never runs […]

Efficiency ratings on Furnaces and Air Conditioners

What do the numbers mean? It’s time to buy a new furnace, or you’re tired of hot sticky nights and are looking to purchase an air conditioner. But how do you make a decision? What do all of those energy efficiency ratings tell you? With natural gas prices more than tripling in the past ten […]

Beat The Heat

Our first home in Surrey had a great big picture window facing south. In the winter it was great, because if it was a little sunny outside, and you opened the draperies, the room would heat up naturally. The passive solar heating that ensued was welcomed, and even saved us some money on our energy […]

Air Quality and Smog Blog

Who can forget those weird alien golden skies and the loss of mountain views? The summer of 2018 will go down as the smokiest year on record in BC. During the month of August, BC had the worst air quality in North America, due to an excess of forest fires. Along with warm weather, which […]

Nicholas, a hero history!

Every person does count, and a boy named Nicolas is the reason for a lot of good things. We have to believe that every person counts, counts as a creative force that can move mountains. — May Sarton It’s one thing to read a quote and consider it important. It’s another thing to take that […]

Happy New Year!

Natural Gas Furnace & Boiler REBATE While we’re all hoping for a better year, making our resolutions, and tweaking our spending budgets, we’ve already been hit with some news that will affect our pocketbook. Natural Gas rates are going up as of January 1, 2019. The natural gas utility suffered a setback earlier this fall, […]