Spotlight On TRP Participant: Gandy Installations

What the TRP program means to their business and the environment!

At 65 years young, Gandy Installations is a familiar and respected name within BC’s HVAC community. And, as a participant in HRAI’s Thermostat Recovery Program (TRP), the company is playing a key role in keeping harmful elements out of Canada’s waste stream.

“It made sense for us to join the TRP program, both from an environmental angle and in terms of bringing extra value to our customers,” says Taylor Gandy, General Manager with the HRAI member company.

Gandy Installations is among the HRAI members who serve as a collection hub for the TRP program. Says Gandy, the job is as simple as collecting mercury-containing, electric, and mechanical thermostats from customers and having them shipped to HRAI to be recovered or recycled.

“It’s pretty straightforward,” he says. “We have a container here where customers can drop off their old mercury thermostats, and when that’s full HRAI sends us a shipping label and we send them off at no cost to us.”

Gandy adds that joining the TRP program has not only drawn additional business, but it has given existing customers a way to make a small, but important impact on their environment.

“There’s definitely the feel-good aspect to this,” adds Dave Guild, Service Manager with the company. “You can see that the customers who pop in to drop off their thermostats are happy that they’re able to do the right thing with the thermostat, as opposed to what they thought their alternatives might have been.”

“So whether or not having the TRP drop-off here translates to business, it’s just the right thing to do,” adds Gandy.

A community staple

Gandy Installations is among HRAI’s longest-running members. Its origins date back to 1957 when Charlie Gandy and Ken Atwell launched Atwell-Gandy Gas and Electric to serve a need for a forced-air heating contractor in the Fraser Valley. Several decades and transformations later, the company is now among the largest forced-air heating and cooling contractors in the province, offering a range of HVAC services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.

“Our approach isn’t to do things for the cheapest price; We provide over-the-top customer service and that’s what we’ve always been known for in our community. We’ve been here a while, and we’re dedicated to being the contractor that people can trust,” says Gandy.

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hat the TRP program means to their business and the environment!