Go Green And Clean With Home EV Chargers

So, you’ve decided to buy an electric vehicle and can’t wait to join the green revolution, fight climate change and reduce carbon pollution. Good for you!

 You are joining the thousands who want to be a part of the solution – meeting Canada’s Climate Emergency Goals. By 2030 it is planned that 50% of the kilometres driven on Vancouver’s roads will be by zero-emission vehicles.

The most common location to charge an EV is at home, and it’s often the least expensive. In Greater Vancouver, most families can charge enough for their daily drive on a wall outlet, also known as Level 1 charging, in 4 hours or less, which works excellently while your EV is parked overnight. If you have access to a Level 2 charger, 45 minutes is all it takes on average.

Most cities do not require any EV-specific permits for retrofitting homes, but you must have a valid electrical permit and have your work done by a qualified professional. 

If you live in a townhouse or condo development with strata, some various rules and bylaws have to be considered. Your strata regulations and bylaws will specify when homeowner approval is needed. 

If you own your single-family home, having an electric vehicle (EV) charger will also add value to your home when you consider selling in the future. Remember, though, electrical permits are necessary, as these are some of the issues that come up when selling a home (unpermitted construction must be disclosed). This is where Gandy Installations is your best solution for your EV charging stations.

Get started!

Gandy Installations is ready to help. They install both Level 1 and Level 2 electric chargers. Level 1 electric vehicle chargers have a dedicated 20-amp outlet, and level 2 electric vehicle chargers have a dedicated 30-60 amp outlet.

First, give us a call at 604-534-5555 for a free in-home estimate. 

  • One of Gandy’s licensed electricians will perform an onsite inspection, calculate your home’s electrical load capacity and provide an installation quote.
  • Gandy can supply the car charging equipment or install a device that you have previously purchased. 
  • We will apply for the permit on your behalf.
  • When the permit is issued, we will schedule your installation.
  • Once your home EV charger installation is complete, we will provide you with all the documentation you need to apply for your rebate(s)

Electric Vehicle Cost Savings

Choosing to drive an electric car will not only cost you less at the gas station, but you can also save money through the EV Incentives in BC program. 

Provincial and Federal rebates are available for the purchase of electric vehicles in addition to the installation of EV charging stations in homes, strata buildings and workplaces. 

For more information on incentives for electric vehicle owners in British Columbia, visit: