Spring cleaning and seasonal maintenance

Gandy Installations offers solutions for healthy air inside the home

The days are longer, a little warmer, and spring cleaning is on the agenda.

Allergies are also on the rise and can be a real problem when you add poor indoor air hygiene to the list.

As you break out the cleaning supplies this spring, it’s essential to know that while you’re moving things around, you are also probably spreading allergens throughout your home. Dust mites, dust and various VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) carbon-containing chemicals that evaporate quickly at average room temperatures are the #1 cause of allergy and asthma symptoms. VOCs can build up in your home, and the concentration worsens over time. Proactive remedies include using natural cleaning solutions, ventilation, and testing your house for VOCs.

Gandy Installations offers several solutions to allow your entire family to breathe easier in your home this spring.  


For as little as $15.95 a month, Gandy’s Comfort Club maintenance program gives customers peace of mind knowing that their heating and cooling equipment is operating safely and efficiently. Protect your HVAC system by joining the Comfort Club for regularly scheduled, reliable and hassle-free maintenance.

The program includes annual maintenance, four pleated 1” filters, scheduled reminders, priority service, and a 15% repair discount. 

 Things have been hectic in the HVAC industry these last two years, but Comfort Club members get a guaranteed diagnostic appointment within two business days.

 Call 604-534-555 to get started.


Your furnace, boiler, on-demand water heater, air conditioner and/or heat pump must be serviced by a qualified technician on a yearly basis. You want your equipment to be operating at the safest level as efficient as it can be, to avoid unnecessary breakdowns when the temperatures are at their worst (blazing heat or bitter cold)

Tune-ups include checking for safety issues, such as carbon monoxide or gas leaks, and general operation items cleaning filters and adjusting moving parts such as belts, ensuring the temperature rise/drop is accurate. Air conditioners will be checked for refrigerant levels, condensate lines, and coils. These are a few of the several points checked, cleaned and improved during the process.


More than 90% of all homes have one indoor air quality problem. Our Air Advice expert will help identify and solve issues that impact your health, comfort and safety. For $49 extra with a scheduled tune-up or $99, we’ll help you zero in on how best to reduce dust/particles, chemical pollutants, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature and relative humidity (all potential problems in your home). Every house is different, due to contributing factors such as age and style of the home, pets, how much you cook, clean and live in your home, health conditions, and personal lifestyle. It’s Gandy’s goal to reach a benchmark of healthy and happy air to breathe for everyone in the family.


Have you recently moved? Although the surfaces of your home may appear clean, it’s improbable the previous owners cleaned their ducts before they left. You may have years of collective duct particles, skin flakes, dust mites, pet dander, smoke and hair from previous inhabitants of your home. It’s time for a clean start! If you have an air conditioning system, it will be working double-time this summer, so getting your ducts in a pristine shape will help you breathe easier during the hot days you are inside.


UV residential air purifiers are designed to purify and reduce biological and chemical contaminants throughout the home.

Technologies such as Pristine Air, Sanuvox, or PureAir systems reduce up to 99% of indoor air contaminants, germs, infectious agents and chemical gases and odours. If your family struggles with seasonal allergies or chronic health conditions, these innovative and healthy solutions give you the top level of protection that you can receive.  

For over 60 years, Gandy Installations have made it their mission to help BC families enjoy a comfortable, healthy home.

Gandy Installations provides service in your area, from Vancouver to Chilliwack and all points in between. Our Head office, located in Langley, has dispatch offices throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We offer solutions for your HVAC needs, whether it be maintenance, repair, replacement, or new construction. Please contact us for your heating and air conditioning needs. Gandy Installations is happy to offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so rest assured that if you have an emergency situation after normal working hours, we will be there to help!