Our Team

Our business success over the last 60 years would not have been possible without the valuable contribution of our experienced team of hard-working professionals.

At Gandy Installations, outstanding customer service has always been our top priority, and our customers have come to expect the professional and friendly service that our team is renowned for.

Personalized Service

Gandy Installations has been family owned and operated for three generations, and many of our customers are our friends, family members and neighbours. So it makes sense that all of our customers receive the honest, friendly and personalized service that are fundamental to how we do business at Gandy.

Hiring from Within

We believe in hiring from within, and many of our managers and comfort advisors have spent time in the field doing the work that they are supervising or quoting. As a result, our entire team is familiar with and knowledgeable of the broad range of HVAC services we provide, whether it be maintenance, service, repair or installation.

Through countless hours of training and on-the-job experience, we’ve built a team of HVAC professionals who are considered the best in the industry.

Commitment & Loyalty

We believe in treating our staff members well and understand the value to our business of committed, loyal employees. Some of our employees have been with us for over 35 years, and it is indispensable employees such as these that provide the foundation of knowledge, skills and expertise that form the backbone of Gandy Installations.

Ethics & Integrity

We believe in rigorously ethical business practices and do our best to ensure that each and every customer we serve is 100 percent satisfied with the work that we do and the equipment we install.

In the rare instances in which we fail to measure up to a customer’s expectations we do our level best to make things right — our goal is that no Gandy customer is ever left unsatisfied.

We strive to always do it right the first time, but we’re not too proud to admit our mistakes and we honestly endeavor to rectify our errors immediately upon being brought to our attention.