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Feel The Love!

Anyone who has contributed their time, talent, or helps knows what a good feeling it is — giving back.

Breathe Easier This Spring

The days are longer, a little warmer, and spring cleaning is on the agenda. Allergies are also on the rise and can be a real problem when you add poor indoor air hygiene to the list.

Spotlight On TRP Participant: Gandy Installations

At 65 years young, Gandy Installations is a familiar and respected name within BC’s HVAC community. And, as a participant in HRAI’s Thermostat Recovery Program (TRP), the company is playing a key role in keeping harmful elements out of Canada’s waste stream.

Is Your Indoor Air Quality Making You Sick?

Winter is quickly approaching, and we’ve retreated into our indoor air spaces. Many of us are continuing to work from home due to keeping our circles small and our families safe. Even others have opted to home-school and keep the family all in one place.