Air Conditioning And Summer Predictions

If we’ve learned anything in the last five years about summers in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, it’s that anything can happen. Our typical high temperatures can turn into a relentless heat dome, or we can have days of a comfortable 22c.

In 2012, Vancouver was the first jurisdiction in Canada to adopt a proactive Climate Change Adaptation Strategy to pioneer climate solutions and innovation across City departments. 

Joseph Shea, an associate professor of environmental geomatics at the University of Northern B.C., says Western Canadian residents “need to adapt to a hotter future” with more extended, out-of-season heat waves.

• Heat waves—They’re not just for summer anymore. We’ve already experienced some out-of-season temperature spikes, and they may be a precursor to a super-heated summer that brings with it several concerns for our family’s health and well-being.

• Air Quality and Wildfires: The government is looking at action plans to mitigate wildfires, and Premier David Eby said in a March 18 press conference) He is “profoundly worried” about the potentially “terrible” upcoming wildfire season, a significant reason why the province has set aside $10.6 billion in contingency funds for the next three years.

A bad wildfire season in BC means that even in the lower mainland and Greater Vancouver area, we will likely end up with high levels of fine particulates (PM2.5) from wildfire smoke. Wildfire Smoke and air pollution contributes to an AQHI of 10+ – very high health risk.

Having an air conditioner means your indoor air is conditioned. Your doors and windows are closed, and the air conditioner keeps you cool and comfortable. The indoor air quality can help your family breathe easier. This is essential for those in our families who have breathing or lung issues.

Whether you have an air-conditioned “sanctuary space” such as a bedroom or install a larger system to handle the entire house, having an air conditioner ensures restorative sleep and a relaxed and comfortable indoor lifestyle.

When it comes to air quality, an efficient air-conditioner is only one component. The folks at Gandy can add filtration products to your system that can address airborne dust, allergens, smoke, and pollen. It’s not one size fits all for anyone looking to improve their indoor air conditioning and air quality— your comfort comes first.

We are anticipating many phone calls about installing new systems. It’s a great idea to have our qualified and experienced comfort specialists come out to help you build a system that will help you breathe easier this summer.

At Gandy, we believe in transparent, hassle-free pricing. Our Gandy service technicians will comprehensively inspect your HVAC equipment and provide a clear, upfront quote for the entire repair cost before any work commences. Rest assured, there are no hidden fees or unexpected surcharges.