Feel The Love Helping!

Gandy Installations provides free HVAC installations to those in need

Anyone who has contributed their time, talent, or helps knows what a good feeling it is — giving back. It’s something Gandy Installations has participated in over the years – helping folks who wouldn’t usually put themselves first.

Partnering with Lennox since 2009, the impact has been tremendous. 37 U.S. States and Canadian provinces have participated, with over 1,500 installations performed and over nine million dollars in donated materials.

General Manager Taylor Gandy, along with his crew has been pleased to work along with Lennox, as the program gives neighbours an opportunity to come together, give back, and improve the lives of deserving people in their communities.

Lennox International is now accepting nominations for its Feel The Love program. For the past ten years, Lennox’ Feel The Love program has installed heating or cooling equipment at no cost in Canadian homes to help those facing physical, mental or social disabilities, financial challenges or job loss. Military and community service are also key factors in choosing HVAC recipients.

What Makes A Good Nominee?

Feel The Love nominees all have one thing in common: they always put others first. But sometimes, these individuals need a little help making sure their own needs are being met.  

Many nominees simply don’t have the means to make their homes more comfortable on their own. That’s where nominations from community members like you come in.  

While unsung heroes come from all walks of life, some examples of past nominees we’ve honored include community figures such as teachers, firefighters and volunteers; families facing hard times; veterans; senior citizens living in older homes; and people impacted by natural disaster. In short, anyone who serves others is a good candidate for a Feel the Love nomination.  

If you know someone in your community who deserves recognition, nominating them to receive a new heating or cooling system is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation.  

For more help identifying heroes in your hometown, consider partnering with a local nonprofit organization.

Gandy and Lennox — working together to make the world a better place, one community at a time.

If you know a deserving individual and want to submit a nomination click here