Nicholas, a hero history!

Every person does count, and a boy named Nicolas is the reason for a lot of good things.

We have to believe that every person counts, counts as a creative force that can move mountains. — May Sarton

It’s one thing to read a quote and consider it important. It’s another thing to take that quote  to heart, and make it a reality.  Gandy Installations has taken up the challenge of making a difference to many families over the years, and in one family in particular.

To sit, to stand… is the mission for Rolf and Petra and for their son, Nicolas, who is a gorgeous 6 year old little boy who is totally defying the odds. 

On June 25, 2013, Nicolas was diagnosed with severe Spinal Muscular Atrophy (“SMA”) Type I. He was only eight months old. 

SMA is a motor neuron disease that affects voluntary muscle movement used in crawling, walking, neck control, swallowing and breathing.

Through ongoing physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, daily massage and range of motion exercises, Nicolas is defying the odds and is actually getting stronger but more support is necessary.

As Nicolas continues to grow, the family knows that this is a vital time in Nicolas’ development. He needs room to grow, exercise, learn, rehabilitate and move around independently.

 The 45 year old family home was in need of major renovations to improve Nicolas’ way of life. Nicolas Nation Project Manager, Andrea Cihelka of Gara Construction, prepared to lead some of the community’s hardest working tradesmen, contractors and volunteers in Maple Ridge’s largest EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER!

The family really needed help, and many contractors and volunteers throughout the Lower Mainland jumped in to make a difference, including Gandy Installations.

Over the past 3 years, Gandy has done the following..

 Furnace and Pure Air air purification system donated by Lennox. 

  • Navien Hot water on demand donated by Emco and Pro West Sales . 
  • HRV donated by Honeywell and Pacific Clean Air.
  • Gandy Installations donated a lot of the labour and materials for the installation of the equipment. The ductwork, etc (materials) were sold at cost, and most of the labour to install was donated (some by Gandy, and some by the employees donating their own time on weekends to get this done).

Taylor Gandy invites you to join them in any way or find out more by taking a look at their facebook page.

As it states at their website, “ A boy named Nicolas is the reason for a lot of good things…”