Is Your Indoor Air Quality Making You Sick?

Indoor Air Quality is more important than ever.

Winter is quickly approaching, and we’ve retreated into our indoor air spaces. Many of us are continuing to work from home due to keeping our circles small and our families safe. Even others have opted to home-school and keep the family all in one place.

Did you know that the Government of Canada estimates that 14,600 premature deaths per year in Canada can be linked to air pollution from fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone, as outlined in the technical report Health Impacts of Air Pollution in Canada – Estimates of Morbidity Outcomes and Premature Mortalities – 2019 Report.

We should take our indoor air quality seriously. Several problems can occur in an indoor living space. Studies have indicated that indoor air pollutants may be two to five times, and occasionally more than 100 times – higher than outdoor levels. (US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The living space is very vulnerable to high humidity levels, mold, gas emissions, insufficient ventilation, and build-up of gases. An overlooked indoor environment can initiate mold and cause serious health issues.

Children, seniors, and people with medical conditions (like asthma, severe allergies, and COPD) are more vulnerable to mold, formaldehyde, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Fortunately, Gandy Installations, located in Langley, B.C., but serving the entire Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area, have solutions for you and your family.

Products such as high-efficiency filtration systems, UV air purification systems, air conditioners, and humidifiers can all make a massive difference in the air quality in your home.

Ask one of Gandy’s HVAC specialists about the following:

  • Merv-16 Filters
  • HEPA Filters
  • UV Lights

We carry some of the best air quality products on the market, and our team can assist you in selecting the right product for your situation and installing it correctly.

Lennox’s PureAir air purification system is the gold standard when it comes to purifying the air in your home and improving indoor air quality. It delivers energy-smart air filtration for your entire family, without generating ozone. Plus, it’s compatible with all HVAC systems.

PureAir offers a whole-home system for purer air in every room and every breath.

One of the most powerful air purification systems is a UV air purification system. It’s designed to destroy biological and chemical contaminants. Gandy Appliances offers a leader in the air purification world — Sanuvox. 

Keeping your home healthier and your air cleaner has never been easier. Phone Gandy today at 855-815-8194 for more information, or contact them at They have an online service where you can contact them during regular business hours as well.