Demand Heater Benefits – It’s time to go tankless!

There are quite a few benefits to giving Gandy a call for installation of a Rheem or Navien tankless water heater.

Taylor Gandy, General Manager at Gandy Installations shared some valuable info about tank system technology. 

“The benefits of an on demand heater are – unlimited hot water– once the hot water starts, it never runs out. You can have a 15 hour shower if you wish, and this unit will continue to supply hot water until you turn off that tap! High efficiency– although the savings are not incredible, the tankless units operate at up to 98% efficiency, which is much greater than a standard tank which would generally come in under 60%. They last longer– conventional water heaters generally last a maximum of 10 years, but often only 6-8 years. Most tankless systems come with a 15 year heat exchanger warranty – so they could last up to 15 years. We are also helping to save the environment by reducing the amount of emissions we are putting out. People with large soaker tubs really love the tankless units, as they often cannot fill the tub with a regular water heater.”

Tankless systems operate at up to 98% percent efficiency, whereas a conventional hot water tank performs at closer to an efficiency of only 50 percent. They have a much smaller footprint than a large hot water tank, as they can be mounted up onto walls, freeing up floor space.

This fabulous, relatively new technology provides hot water for its users whether they are doing the laundry, having a shower, or washing dishes. There is no “tank” to empty and refill, however, contrary to popular opinion, It’s definitely not “instantly” hot. There are solutions though — for an additional cost, a recirculation line will drastically improve wait time.. 

Tankless water systems are an excellent solution for a home with lots of people using hot water (such as a multi-family residence). 

A call to the folks at Gandy is a great way to start. In a larger home, you may have to consider more than one unit, (which makes sense, because in those large (often multi-family) homes, they often have more than one hot water tank). In any case, you will begin to enjoy those greatly reduced “wait times” in your home — waiting for recovery time on your tanks.

On the plus side — Fortis is offering some attractive rebates on many models. If you live in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver, this is probably a great time to go “tankless” and begin enjoying the difference that tankless makes.

Although you may spend more money initially on your water heater purchase and installation, you could save thousands of dollars of the course of the heater’s life – which can last up to three times longer as a traditional tank system.

Call Gandy Installations today to book an appointment to have your current hot water system serviced or get a free quote on a new tankless water heater from one of our friendly and knowledgeable home comfort advisors. Give them a call at 604-534-5555.