Air Filtration & Purification

The Covid-19 pandemic has made our customers more aware than ever of the importance of hygiene in maintaining good health. With more time spent at home due to government recommendations for social distancing, air filtration and improving indoor air quality has become a top priority.

The best defence against viruses such as Covid-19 is to wash hands regularly, disinfect surfaces as well as exercise social distancing.

Health authorities also recommend maintaining good airflow and air quality by:

  • Ensuring your home’s vents, ducts and filters are clean.
  • Keeping your home free of airborne particles, germs and excess humidity.

While our knowledge of Covid-19 is limited, air purification systems are known to destroy many viruses and are a great thing to have in your home regardless of the pandemic we are experiencing.

Protect Your Home

Central air systems circulate air throughout your home, including particles smaller than you can see with the human eye. You may not be able to see them, but you don’t want to breathe in any of the following airborne particles and bio-contaminants:

  • Dust & Dirt
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Pollen, Spores, Pet Dander & Other Allergens
  • Germs, Bacteria & Viruses
  • Mould & Mildew
  • Bio Aerosols
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Chemical Odours & Vapours

We can recommend mechanical systems such as humidifiers, air filtration systems and high-quality HVAC filters. You can protect yourself and your family with filters and other air quality products including high-efficiency filters that trap particles, as well as bulbs that emit UV light to kill germs.

Air Quality Products

Products such as high-efficiency filtration systems, UV air purification systems, air conditioners and humidifiers can all make a huge difference in the air quality in your home.

Ask one of Gandy’s HVAC specialists about the following:

  • Merv-16 Filters
  • HEPA Filters
  • UV Lights

We carry some of the best air quality products on the market, and our team can assist you in the selection of the right product for your situation as well as install it correctly.

Lennox’s PureAir air purification system is the gold standard when it comes to purifying the air in your home and improving indoor air quality. It delivers energy-smart air filtration for your entire home, without generating ozone. Plus, it’s compatible with all HVAC systems.

PureAir offers a whole-home system for purer air in every room and every breath:

Sanuvox offers UV air purification systems designed to destroy biological and chemical contaminants.

We encourage our customers to explore air quality products that can help keep your home healthier — we are currently providing $100 off the installation of any of these items.