Save energy, space, and aggravation with tankless technology

Who said the good old days were good? Do you remember the endless wait for the hot water tank to recover? Who needs that in a time-stretched morning rush?  Or looking forward to having a leisurely bath, and while it’s running, someone else decides to also use the remaining dregs of hot water for something else? 

Do you have a home with teenagers? Good luck! You might as well give up and get used to cold showers. That old hot water tank heater technology is almost 100 years old and hasn’t changed much since then. There’s a tremendous energy waste (standby energy loss), and most units have a huge footprint. Many people underestimate the actual size of the tank they need and have it overworking to meet the family’s daily demand.

Oh, so this is not just the good old days, but your aggravating problem right now? You can have this solved in just a few short steps by converting to a tankless water heater.

Plentiful and reliable hot water is essential for today’s family. Many homes may have smaller families but have multiple living spaces in their home (basement or nanny suites), and so the demand for a consistent flow of hot water is just as significant as it was decades ago. Tankless water heaters are the most recent major innovation to come to Canadian households.

Is a tankless water heater right for you? They have a small footprint, and heat the water instantly, as soon as it is needed. As soon as hot water tap is turned on in your home, internal sensors inside the heater are detected and ignite the natural gas that heats the water for the second or two that it is in the unit. The moment you shut off the tap, the flame in the heater stops too. 

Whatever the quantity of water is needed is heated, and no more. Tankless water heaters never run out of hot water. The fact that tankless water heaters heat the water quite quickly, they are also called “on-demand water heaters.” 

 A tankless water heater can produce 300% more heat than a typical hot water tank, (when selected and installed correctly), a providing enough hot water on demand for two showers running continuously – even if the incoming water is as cold as 10c. 

Tankless water heaters are not bottom drawer technology, but when you consider the everyday advantages of having one in your home, you’ll find it worthwhile. Indeed not a luxury item when you are continuously left “out in the cold” so to speak.

Saving energy and saving space — these are the things that make tankless water heaters attractive. Because the units are so small, it’s possible that you can place the unit in an area closer to your taps and water sources.

Here in the Lower Mainland, we’ve got great water — soft and delicious. Our local water quality is another advantage with tankless water heaters. If you live in a hard-water area, you will have to do some flush maintenance from time to time to keep the unit clean and mineral buildup free, but it’s the same maintenance that you have with a standing hot water tank. 

Less time wasted and less water consumed. There are two good reasons to upgrade to tankless. But we have another one — for a limited time, FortisBC has included one of the best rebates ever! Upgrade to a qualifying natural gas ENERGY STAR® tankless water heater, and you could get rebates of $1,000. Go to to determine your eligibility.

You can trust the folks at Gandy to help you enjoy that endless hot water — turning it from a dream to a warm and comfortable reality!

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