Title Source Description Details
Natural gas furnace boiler rebates Fortis Replace your old natural gas furnace with an eligible ENERGY STAR® model and you could qualify for a rebate of up to $700. More Info
Connect to gas rebates Fortis Connect your home to natural gas, get a pre-qualification code and have an eligible ENERGY STAR® heating system installed to be eligible for a $1,300 rebate. More Info
Natural Gas Combi Boiler Rebate (heating plus hot water) Fortis Replace your old boiler with an eligible combination heating and hot water system and you could qualify for a $1,500 rebate. (Up to $1200.00 plus two-upgrade $300.00 bonus) More Info
Natural gas water heater rebate Fortis Upgrade to a qualifying natural gas ENERGY STAR® water heater and you could get rebates from $200 to $1,000. More Info
Natural Gas Boiler Rebate Fortis Replace your old natural gas boiler with an eligible ENERGY STAR® boiler and you could qualify for a $1,000 rebate. More Info
Home Renovation & Efficiency BC Program Efficiency BC The City of Vancouver is offering a $2,000 top-up to Home Renovation Rebate and EfficiencyBC Program participants that switch from fossil fuel (oil, natural gas, or propane) heating system to an electric air-source heat-pump. More Info
BC Hydro Air Source Heat Pump Rebate BC Hydro Home renovation rebates are available when you improve your home’s energy efficiency. Save up to 2000.00. Check out the link for full details. More Info