Standby Generators

Power outages can strike at any time. Not merely inconvenient, a sustained loss of power can be stressful, expensive and even dangerous.

Most people are aware that power outages can cause food spoilage, but pump failures and frozen pipes can result in the flooding of your home. Loss of power can also cause security systems and medical devices used in the home to fail.

Protect yourself and your home before the storm hits.

How Standby Generators Work

Automatic standby generators are hardwired into your home’s electrical system, so there is nothing you need to do during a power outage. Your generator will automatically detect a power loss and activate using the backup power source.

Because standby generators are connected to your natural gas line, there is no need to refuel. When natural gas is unavailable, we can install a propane or diesel-powered unit.

You can choose to power your whole home with a back-up generator or protect essential circuits such as your furnace, refrigerator, freezer or sump pump.

Generator Installations

Your generator installation is performed by a licensed electrician and all electrical work is done to code.

The generator installation process:

  • One of Gandy’s licensed electricians will perform an onsite inspection to determine whether natural gas, propane or diesel is your best option
  • We will provide an installation quote
  • Gandy can supply a Kohler or Generac generator or install a unit that you have previously purchased
  • We will apply for the permit on your behalf
  • When the permit is issued, we will schedule your installation
  • Once the permit inspection is complete, your standby generator is operational and will automatically power your home during power outages of any duration

All Gandy’s electrical work is guaranteed to be up to code, and you can count on the permit process to go smoothly.

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