Unit Heaters

Modern unit heaters are more energy efficient than in the past. Electronic ignition has replaced wasteful pilot lights, which adds up to big savings on heating bills.

We install custom gas-fired unit heaters, ranging in size from as small as 30 thousand BTU’s to units of up to one million BTU’s. We also install power-vented, high-efficiency inline duct heaters, and ducted unit heaters.

Ideal for Heating Large Spaces

Unit heaters are ideal for heating large spaces such as warehouses, workshops, large garages, or other spaces with high ceilings. However, they are also appropriate for installation in offices or meeting halls, for example.

Space Saving

Unit heaters don’t require large ducting systems that take up valuable space, and they can be mounted in a variety of ways to make the best use of space and maximize comfort. Our smaller unit heaters are very compact in design, taking up very little room while still emitting a lot of heat for their size.

Durable, Low Cost, Easy to Maintain

The ruggedness and durability of unit heaters makes them ideal for industrial applications. They can be installed at a lower cost than other heating systems and require less maintenance than furnaces or commercial rooftop units as there are no filters to replace.

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Lennox LF24

Reliable garage heating from well-made equipment!

  • Up to 81% efficiency
  • 30-75,000 Btu/H
  • Tubular aluminized heat exchanger
  • 10 year heat exchanger warranty
  • 5 year parts warrant
  • Low profile cabinet design