Hot Water Systems

Along with conventional hot water tanks, Gandy installs a variety of energy-efficient hot water systems, including condensing tankless hot water systems and combi systems. Our tankless water heaters offer the convenience of a continuous hot water supply along with the cost savings of a high-efficiency unit.

Tankless Hot Water Systems

Gandy installs industry leading on-demand hot water systems by the industry’s top manufacturers, Navien and Rheem. These are high-quality, high efficiency condensing tankless systems for uninterrupted hot water flow without the worry of ever running out of hot water.

Rheem systems use intelligent electronic controls that increase efficiency and safety. They also feature hot start programming which helps to minimize fluctuation in the water temperature during periods of frequent on/off operation.

Combi Hot Water Systems

Navien offers a wall-mounted condensing combi system that replaces both the boiler AND the hot water tank. Navien’s on-demand systems utilize dual stainless-steel heat exchangers which provide superior durability to conventional hot water tanks.

Navien Service Specialists

Gandy Installations is a certified Navien Service Specialist. Navien has 30 plus years of experience with advanced water heater technology, and their systems operate at up to 98 percent efficiency on tankless hot water systems, and up to 92 percent efficiency on combi boiler systems.

Free up space in your mechanical room and save money on fuel consumption at the same time. If you have in-floor or baseboard heating, Navien can heat your home as well as provide hot water in a single wall-mounted unit.