Unit Heaters

Gandy Installations offers custom gas fired unit heaters, with sizes ranging from as small as 30,000 BTU’s and up to one million BTU’s available. These heaters are commonly used and are an effective way to heat a warehouse, workshop, large garage, or other space with high ceilings. Unit heaters are capable of heating large spaces without having to use a large ducting system that take up much needed space. The smaller unit heaters are also very compact in their design, taking up as little room as possible, however still projecting a sufficient amount of heat. They can also be mounted several different ways to maximize space and comfort. Gandy Installations can typically offer unit heaters at a lower installed cost than other heating systems. These units require less maintenance than a furnace or commercial rooftop unit as there is no filter that requires replacement. Unit heaters are built rugged and durable to last in an industrial application, however they are still designed to look attractive enough to be installed in an office, or meeting hall application. New unit heaters operate more efficiently with electronic ignition, getting rid of the old pilot light that is constantly consuming gas, which can add up to big savings over a year. We can also offer power vented, high efficient, inline duct heaters, and ducted unit heaters. Quotes on installation are always free, so call us today!

Lennox LF24

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Reliable garage heating from well-made equipment!

  • Up to 81% efficiency
  • 30-75,000 Btu/H
  • Tubular aluminized heat exchanger
  • 10 year heat exchanger warranty
  • 5 year parts warrant
  • Low profile cabinet design