It’s all over the news these days. The weatherman has predicted a scorching summer for the Greater Vancouver area. It’s expected the current comfortable temperatures will transition to a warmer and drier than usual pattern late in the spring with a hot and dry summer, perhaps even shattering some heat records.

Don’t despair though. You’re living in the right place to relax and take advantage of some of the excellent leisure activities that will help you and the family cool off.

Remember to be careful to make sure that the kids not only apply sunscreen but also drink enough water. I know it is tempting to let kids stay inside in the air-conditioning and play their video games or watch TV, but there’s no such thing in BC as an endless summer!  Get out and have fun, even if it is hot! The exercise your family gets outside is unlike anything you can inside the house, and they will sleep like angels at the end of the day.

Langley is home to 5 pools and 8 spray parks that are at the ready to keep you and your family fresh, even in the summer sunshine!

Walnut Grove:  Next to Walnut Grove Secondary, Walnut Grove Community Centre is the perfect place to dip inside and enjoy all of the recreational amenities one might need. From their big 300-foot water slide to their 5-metre dive tower, Walnut Grove has the best of both worlds.

Murrayville:  W.C. Blair pool is a great place to escape the heat if you the temperature outside is just too much for you. The full Rec Centre offers many other amenities as well, such as a gym facing the pool so parents can work out while still keeping an eye on your kids!

Outdoor Pools:

Outdoor pools are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and have the kids cool down with a quick splash and play. Hunt down a lovely shade tree, stake your spot and bring a picnic dinner and you’re able to relax.

Al Anderson – Tucked away in the forest of Langley’s City Park, this exceptional outdoor pool is the place to be on a hot summer day. The surrounding park offers a great picnic area and even a small splash park for the kids.

Aldergrove Outdoor Pool– Located in Phillip Jackman Park lies this tremendous outdoor pool. With a new coat of paint, this outdoor pool is a perfect spot to take a dip! Open 7 days a week until Labour Day, you will be able to swim until your heart’s content. Make sure to bring a picnic and check out Phillip Jackman Park too.

Fort Langley Outdoor Pool – When it reopens this month (on June 20th), the Fort Langley Pool will be a great place to cool off after walking around beautiful Fort Langley. There is always an evening public swim along with day public swims on the weekends and also weekdays once school gets out for the kids.


Remember those days when dad would set up the sprinkler, and it became an instant water park? (Then again, there were no water parks in the good old days!) Take advantage of the fun available at the local water parks in Langley. They are a great way to rediscover your inner child and jump around with the kids, cool off and have a little fun in the process.

You’ll find them in:

Brookswood – Just off 200th Street in Brookswood Park is a small splash park that may not be as busy as some of the bigger ones. The surrounding trees of the park offer plenty of shade which is great for picnics. There are also convenience stores and shops located just across the street for all the summer essentials one may need (i.e. *Slurpees*).


Douglas Park – Located downtown in the City of Langley, Douglas Park is a little slice of heaven on a hot summer’s day. With lush green space for picnics and a playground for the kids, Douglas Park is a great place to spend a day. The splash park there provides an excellent opportunity to cool off and have a little fun in the process. It runs all summer so be sure to get out there and check it out!


Murrayville Outdoor Activity Park– Located a stone’s throw from W.C. Blair Recreation Centre, the spray park at Murrayville Outdoor Park is a hidden treasure.  Get your heartbeat up on the outdoor volleyball courts, climbing wall, or skateboard park and then cool off in the spray park. It’s a great way to enjoy a warm summer day!


Philip Jackman Park– Discover this little gem of a spray park nestled close to Aldergrove Outdoor Pool at Philip Jackman Park, right in the heart of Aldergrove. Then drop-in to the pool for an extra splash of fun!  There are regular Public Swim sessions, and you can easily enjoy both on a spare hot afternoon!


Walnut Grove Community Park– Set your spot up for the day on the grass banks along the “river” that flows down from this large spray park, where the kids will love floating their toy boats!  Conveniently located near Walnut Grove High School, there are plenty of parking and sports fields to be enjoyed.  Looking for a place to host a summer birthday or team wind up?  Book the picnic shelter and use it as a home base while the kids enjoy all the amenities!


Willoughby Community Park – In the shadow of the LEC you will find an excellent water park that is great for keeping cool on a hot day. Whether you just played sports and need to cool off or the kids need something to do, this park is the perfect answer. This central location puts you within a 10-minute drive of both Walnut Grove and Downtown Langley which comes in handy when food must be found after a long day at the water park.


Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre

We’re saving the biggest for last. An exciting family year-long attraction — The Aldergrove Water Park  — is expected to make a big splash, with waterslides, a lazy river, a 50-person hot tub and more!

The new Credit Union Community Centre is expected to open in June 2018 and will feature a six-lane pool, a lazy river feature, and even a wave pool complete with a giant movie screen for poolside movies.



It’s not all about splashing around though. This year, the McBurney Plaza Summer Series will include three afternoons, family-friendly events and 2 evening, adult only events.

For the music end entertainment lovers,  the 2018 Festival Schedule at McBurney Plaza, the series of five events that run during the summer months in Downtown Langley is an opportunity to introduce the experience of live music to your children. All afternoon events are family friendly and free to attend. Enjoy everything from Canadian folk and country music to Celtic, and good old rock and roll.

The evening events are 19+, and require the purchase of tickets — however, the price is excellent at $15 a person and a great way to have an impromptu date night.




Whatever your favorite gelato flavors are;  (Mine is Cherry Mania or Chocolate Peanut Butter) you’ll get your cool and delicious cravings satisfied at Maria’s Gelato in Fort Langley. They’ve been in business for years, and know how to please their customers from toddlers and teens to the senior connoisseurs. The frozen yogurt craze has hit Langley as well so you’ll have to also try Peachwave, Menchies, or for more gelato, the Marble Slab, Daily Scoop Gelato, or go for it — a retro Blizzard at the ever popular DQ. Its okay. It’s summer — you’ll work off those extra calories on a slip-’n slide.



We’re fortunate to be living in one of the finest farms to table areas in North America. From fresh and succulent berries to award-winning wines, and local artisan cheesemakers, your journey through Langley’s diverse Circle Farm Tour will be a feast for your senses.

Take the kids or make it a relaxing date by experiencing sample classic grape vintages and award-winning fruit wines. Enjoy French cuisine, at Chaberton wineries Bistro, or fill your picnic basket with fresh pies, juicy berries, local cheese from Milner Valley and speciality turkey. Stroll through gardens, farm markets, take in an equestrian event, meet an alpaca and see where the Hudson’s Bay Company first farmed … you can even milk a cow! Explore the endless choices of the Langley Circle Farm Tour. Find out more, and create your own self-guided adventure at circlefarmtour.com/langley. It’s good for the kids to learn where their food comes from, and begin to respect the critical role that our local farmers and artisans play in our everyday meals and more.


LANGLEY FARMER’S MARKET — EVERY WEDNESDAY. Fill your basket and feed your soul at the Langley Community Farmers Market! The LCFM is pleased to welcome vendors and customers alike to participate in Langley’s tastiest outdoor market.

Throughout the Spring and Summer each Wednesday from 12:00pm – 4:30pm at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Campus you will find more than 40 vendors that “Make it, Bake it or Grow it” selling the very best this region has to offer.


So what do you do when it’s scorching hot outdoors, and you’ve run out of ideas to keep the kids cool? You get a little creative with what you have lying around so the kids can beat the heat!

A little planning can make that summer heat not just bearable — but fun! Even just running through a hose or sprinkler can be a fun, easy way to cool off. Consider adding a DIY Slip and Slide, a PVC Sprinkler tunnel, or having a water squirt gun battle, baseball with water balloons, or designing and building a pool noodle obstacle course that can turn your backyard into a real adventure!


The most important thing to remember is that in the summer months, children should be outside playing, running, jumping and swimming—not cooped up in the A/C. They just need their parents to remind them of the basic rules for staying safe outdoors. Enjoy the warm weather!



The FortisBC Appliance Rebate Program is Back!

Save $25.00 with FortisBC Appliance Maintenance Rebate


We are pleased to announce that the 2018 FortisBC Appliance Maintenance Rebate Program  launches on Monday May 14, 2018. Book your service call today on your furnace or boiler and save $25.00.

Program details and applications forms will be available at www.fortisbc.com/tlc. Apply online today !


Available rebates include 

  • Furnace and fireplace ($50)
  • Boiler and fireplace ($50)
  • Furnace only ($25)
  • Boiler only ($25)
  • Fireplace only ($25)



ENERGY SAVING TIPS for Lower Mainland Summers

This time of year, Lower Mainland homeowners count their blessings to be living in such a temperate climate.  Our comfortable spring temperatures allow us to open doors and windows, and enjoy the fresh air blowing throughout the house while we vacuum and spring clean.

But it won’t be long before we’re living with the much hotter weather, and if the previous years are any indication, it will be another hot one for us.

We’re only a month away from the first day of summer, and for many of us, that means a trip to  White Rock beaches, outdoor concerts in Vancouver and parties in our Fraser Valley homes. It’s also an excellent opportunity to save energy and money in your home.

Think about your lighting. It makes up about 10% of your home electricity cost. Save up to 80% of that energy by just replacing any traditional incandescents. When it’s time for new lighting, or a new appliance, computer, TV, audio or video device, always look for the ENERGY STAR label before you buy. The dollars you spend upgrading to an energy-efficient product will pay off in lower electricity costs for years.

The evolution of LED technology, in particular, has opened the door to significant savings as replacements for traditional incandescent lighting, which is being phased out in B.C.

Take a good look at your window placement in your home and take advantage of natural cooling and heating. Try this tip. In the morning, while you’re making your coffee or tea, first cool off the entire house by opening all windows and drapery or blinds. The fresh air will enter and while you’re getting ready for work, will bring the interior temperatures down. If you’re still home for awhile, let the cooling continue until around 9 or 10 am, when the temperatures begin to rise. If not, close off all the windows and window coverings before your leave, mainly south facing ones, that can raise the indoor temperatures significantly.

If you have horizontal blinds, you want to reversely adjust the louvers to reflect back into the outside so that no radiant heat  enters into the home. (Do the opposite in the fall and winter to add natural solar gain).

Another tip for single-family homeowners is to open the attic hatch during hot weather to allow the warm temperatures of the living space to enter the attic. We tend to lock our hot air in, but when we open the hatch, the hot air moves quickly! Nature abhors a vacuum, so the colder air below the living space will be forced into that area, making the living area lower its temperature considerably.

Who thinks about landscaping when it comes to home comfort and cost savings? Well, you should! Those sizeable 18th-century plantation homes in the American South taught us a lesson. Their long rows of oak trees and plantings kept the houses cool during the sweltering weather by funneling colder air towards the home. If you’re planning landscaping changes, always consider planting trees, shrubs, and plants strategically to reduce heat radiation and cool the air before it reaches your home’s walls and windows.

Reduce your heat in the kitchen. Avoid using the oven in summer – try salads, smoothies or barbecue. You’ll reduce the temperature in your home and save on your home cooling costs.

These natural and straightforward tips will help reduce energy or improve comfort whether you have a central air conditioner or not.

We spend a lot of time in our homes, and comfort during heat waves are essential to our well-being and health. Many of us have trouble sleeping in the summer or have hot and cold spots throughout our home.

Switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner can reduce your energy by 20-50% and save money. Many contractors recommend lower SEER (13 SEER) equipment, however, buying a variable speed compressor will offer the homeowner significant cost savings both in their energy usage and longevity compared to traditional equipment.

Variable-capacity air conditioning and heat pump systems are controlled differently than single and two-stage systems. Instead of cycling on at full capacity and cycling off when the thermostat reaches its designated temperature, these units operate according to the heating and cooling load conditions of the home.

The heating or cooling load” refers to the amount of heat energy that would need to be added or removed from a space to maintain its desired comfort level.

The efficiency of an air conditioner is directly related to the type of compressor and circuit control drive it uses. The compressor is the heart of the system; vital in ensuring that the entire system runs smoothly and efficiently. Variable-capacity systems are unique in that they use variable-speed compressors which modulate in increments of 1% and fractions of a percent.

Variable-capacity air conditioning systems are the wave of the future. They will become the standard, eventually replacing single-stage system altogether.


In the end, things to consider are your budget, what you are looking for in terms of comfort, efficiency, and noise levels.

For over 60 years and three generations, Gandy Installations has been proudly serving the Fraser Valley area for their residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. They stake their reputation on the thousands of happy customers who trust the folks at Gandy to put their family’s comfort first.

Remember — we’re here for you literally 24 hrs — 365 days a year. If you have any questions about how your home can be cool and comfortable this summer, or any home comfort related question, give the friendly folks at Gandy a call at 604-543-5555 or contact us at our website, gandyinstallations.net


When it comes to HVAC – bigger isn’t always better

But a reputable HVAC contractor is always a good idea

Spring has finally hit the Lower Mainland, and the trees are in bloom all over Langley, Surrey and everywhere in Vancouver. Our local farms are readying the fields for their strawberry and veggies. And homeowners like you are beginning to remember the sizzling heat of the last two summers and thinking now’s a great time to get an air conditioner. Of course, it’s tempting to run to your local big box store, buy an air conditioner and head home to install it on your own, in the hope that you’ll be saving money by doing it yourself. Or you might think that hiring a local handyman who can do it all” is a good money-saving decision. However, when it comes to your home comfort, it’s important to know that many contractors that don’t specialize in home comfort system installations do not know how to size an air conditioner or furnace properly. Some people still think that bigger is better.”

In reality, it is essential to size your equipment correctly. With air conditioners — an undersized unit will not keep up with the demand on hotter days, and an oversized unit will not sufficiently dehumidify the home, leaving it feeling uncomfortable, even though the temperature is at an appropriate level. Furnaces also have issues when not appropriately sized, such as short-cycling.”

Improper installation can pose serious risks to you, your family, your business or home. And that’s one of the many reasons it’s essential to hire a professional heating installation service.

Credible contractors know the importance of specific processes that low bidders” often omit.



Purging with nitrogen while brazing the refrigerant lines together is an important step. Refer to the image in this article, showing the difference between a braze with and without nitrogen. The black buildup on the inside of the pipes gets scrubbed off by the refrigerant flowing through the system and clogs up small orifices and metering devices in the system. Displacing the oxygen by flowing nitrogen through the pipes while brazing prevents this from happening.



Another thing that credible contractors do is to pull a vacuum” after all the connections have been completed, which involves hooking a specialized pump up to the system and running it until an acceptable vacuum pressure has been attained. This indicates that the system has no leaks, and also removes any potentially damaging moisture from the system.



After furnaces and air conditioners are installed, a full startup procedure” should be performed on them – again, this is something that is often skipped.

While a low price upfront sounds excellent, it will end up costing you more in the long run if the system is not installed correctly. I like the saying If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur!”

Proper installation can guarantee better performance and lower running costs. If your heater is installed by a professional, you can expect it to work optimally to achieve desired temperatures. We can also advise you on the best unit for your space. Based on your needs, we can always provide valuable advice on the best option to meet your needs and budget. When that heat wave hits the Lower Mainland, you can retreat to the comfortable cool of your home, and thank yourself that Gandy was there for you.

Expansion Tanks, what are they, and do I need one?

When replacing your water heater, it is recommended that if your current water heater does not have an “expansion tank”, you add one to the new water heater installation. You may find yourself wondering, “What is an expansion tank?” and “Why do I need one now when I never required one before?”.

What is an expansion tank?

An expansion tank is a small tank that is installed on the cold water line into your hot water tank. It is designed to alleviate excessive pressure that is built up when the water in the tank is heated, causing it to expand.

Why do I need one now when I never required one before?

In recent years, the plumbing code has changed, requiring a “backflow preventer” to be installed in the cold-water line going into your house. This prevents water from feeding back into the main water supply. Before the days of backflow preventers any expansion caused by the water in the tank being heated would simply flow outwards toward the water supply. Over-pressurization never became an issue due to this. Now that the supply lines are mostly equipped with backflow preventers, when the water expands it causes high pressure situations due to the system essentially being a “closed system”. High pressure systems can cause problems without an expansion tank including water being discharged from the tank’s relief valve, and early failure of the water heaters tank body due to cracks in the glass liner. Most municipalities plumbing codes are now requiring expansion tanks on water heater installations due to this reason.

As you can see, not only is it a code requirement, it is also a good idea to add an expansion tank to your water heater installation. It will protect your family from a potentially dangerous situation, having hot water discharge from the relief valve, as well as protect you from having to prematurely change your water heater due to a leak. If you have a situation where there is not room for an additional tank in your mechanical room, we have alternative solutions, such as an expansion valve, which takes up much less space.

What type of air conditioner should I buy?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Vancouver summers are more tolerable when you’ve got air conditioning. We all know that feeling of stepping out of a hot day into an air conditioned home — instant relief and comfort.

Not to mention what a good night sleep can do! Instead of tossing and turning in a bedroom that nature has converted into an oven, you’re rested and ready to take on the day.

Air conditioners do more than cool the home. They can provide amazing benefits to people who suffer from allergies, asthma and chronic sleep deprivation. A properly installed and maintained system renews and improves air quality, maintains a proper humidity level and reduces bodily stress.

If you own your own home in the Lower Mainland, have a forced-air furnace and existing ductwork, in many cases you already have the infrastructure in place to add on an air conditioner.

Gandy Installations offer seven different models of air conditioners — starting from a builder grade 13 SEER mode — all the way to a variable capacity 25 SEER model. SEER is an efficiency rating for air conditioners.

The noise level of the air conditioner typically gets lesser as the model numbers get higher. For example, a low-end 13 SEER air conditioner may operate as high as 75 db or higher, where as a 25 SEER model may operate as low as 59 db.

There are single stage air conditioners, and two-stage air conditioners, which are more energy efficient, and finally variable capacity air conditioners which operate at an even higher efficiency.

A single stage compressor turns on when indoor temperatures exceed the temperature setting on your thermostat. For example, if you set the thermostat to 75 degrees, the air conditioner will run any time the indoor temperatures hit 76 degrees. After the AC cools the house back to 75 degrees, it will turn off again.

Single stage compressors always operate at 100% capacity. They turn themselves on and off continuously throughout the day. Two stage air conditioners operate at a more efficient, lower capacity most of the time, and only operate at full capacity when the demand is much higher (saving you money!).

A simple way to look at it is this:  single stage compressors blast your home with cold air and turn themselves off when the desired temperature is reached.

Variable speed compressors blow a smooth, steady stream of cold air into your home to maintain the desired indoor temperature,  and humidity, rarely turning themselves off.

The variable capacity units actually adjust the cooling outputs in 1% increments. One of the variable capacity units that Gandy offers  — the XC25 — is the most precise and efficient air conditioner on the market (however depending on your budget, you may be more comfortable with a mid-level unit).

Their most popular models are the EL16XC (16 SEER) or the SL18XC (18 SEER).

In the end, things to consider are your budget, what you are looking for in terms of comfort, efficiency, and noise levels.

For over 60 years and three generations, Gandy Installations has been proudly serving the Fraser Valley area for their residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. They stake their reputation on the thousands of happy customers who trust the folks at Gandy to put their family’s comfort first.

Remember — we’re here for you literally 24 hrs — 365 days a year. If you have any questions about how your home can be cool and comfortable this summer, or any home comfort related question, give the friendly folks at Gandy a call at 604-543-5555 or contact us at our website, gandyinstallations.net


What to do when your furnace gives you the cold shoulder

Three quick furnace fixes you can do yourself


We’re pretty fortunate in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver to live in a temperate climate, where extremes in heat and cold generally don’t cause us grief.

That is, until the power goes out, or our furnace acts up.

There’s nothing more annoying than waking up to a cold house — especially if you expected your furnace to be humming along, supplying a warm indoor climate that you’ve always taken for granted.

If you thought your teenagers were grumpy before, try getting them up for school when there’s no welcoming warmth to coax them out of bed.

The first thing to do— is not panic.

The folks at Gandy have seen several scenarios where simple “operator error” had inadvertently turned the furnace off or disabled it temporarily.

You can become the hero of the family by following a few quick troubleshooting steps. If they don’t work, give us a call, and our trained technicians will get your furnace up and running again.

The first place to look into is very simple. Check around and inside the mechanical room where the furnace is located for the power switch. It’s generally a switch that is commonly mistaken for a light switch. It’s usually higher up the wall than a typical light switch. If it’s on the “off” (down) position, turn it up.

If the switch is in the normal ‘on’ position, then check your breakers. It’s possible the breaker has been tripped.

Breakers are electrical switches that disconnect circuits in the event of an electrical surge.  Most breaker boxes are located in basements, utility rooms, closets or laundry rooms. Look for a metal door several feet from the floor. Open the breaker box door and look for the breaker in the “off” position. Most breakers come with an orange or red marker indicating a tripped breaker. This is normally a breaker with a switch pointing in the direction opposite the others. If your breaker box is properly marked, you should see one breaker with a “furnace” marking in pen. Reset the breaker by pushing the switch into the on position to reconnect your circuit and restore power. Regular power disconnections could be caused by other electrical issues. Call a professional if you’re experiencing routine breaker overloads. If it’s consistently the furnace causing an overload, give us a call.

We’re pretty sure you went to the thermostat first, and turned up the heat, only to find that nothing happened. However, now it’s time to really take a second look at your thermostat. Modern, more programmable thermostats have multiple settings depending on your comfort choices, and season. It is possible that the thermostat was tampered with at some point, and is set to a cooling cycle, when you’re looking for heat, or if it’s summer, it was set for heat when you’re looking for a cooling cycle.

One of the most common problems is short cycling. During cooler months — (in the Lower Mainland, we’re talking late September to May), we find issues with furnaces being set to a comfortable 22c, and then after four or five minutes the heat registers stop blowing warm air. It does this repeatedly and never actually heats the home properly.

Short cycling happens for a few reasons, but one of the most common is a dirty or clogged air filter.  If your filter is dirty, air cannot pass over the heat exchanger, causing the system to overheat and shut down permanently. Before calling Gandy, check your air filter and wash it (if it’s washable) or change it if it is dirty, clogged, or fits improperly. In general, it’s a great idea to check your air filter monthly for dirt buildup and wash or replace it if it’s dirty or clogged. Not only will it keep your furnace in top operating condition, but it will improve the general air quality of your home, as it reduces the amount of dust that’s been trapped in your air filter re-entering your home.


If the problem persists after checking your air filter, thermostat, and furnace switch, then it is time to call the professionals at Gandy Installations.

For over 60 years and three generations, Gandy Installations has been proudly serving the Fraser Valley area for their residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. They stake their reputation on the thousands of happy customers who trust the folks at Gandy to put their family’s comfort first.

Remember — we’re here for you literally 24 hrs — 365 days a year. If you have any questions about what to do when your furnace stops working, the best way to save on your heating and cooling costs, or any home comfort related question, give the friendly folks at Gandy a call at 604-543-5555 or contact us at our website.


Don’t risk your family’s comfort by buying your furnace online

Finding a quality contractor is just as important as having the right system.

We tend to take our warm and comfortable homes for granted until something goes wrong. Last week, while it was rainy and windy outside, we rested comfortably, with the furnace humming along, likely ignoring the signals of the disturbing sounds of grinding or humming noises coming from the furnace, And then, in what appears to be “suddenly without warning” the furnace isn’t working, and you’re left in the cold, literally.

Step one for many of us is to grab our laptop, get our search engines to do the work for us, and try to find an inexpensive solution online, cut out the middleman and order our furnace online. After all, you are only going to have to find someone to install if for you right? Wrong.

Without the advice of a knowledgeable HVAC specialist, you are likely to get a lower price for the equipment, but with major, money-draining consequences in many cases. These are three important reasons you should avoid buying a new HVAC system online.

You aren’t the expert

There have been significant changes in the industry since your old furnace was installed. High-efficiency furnaces will provide significant cost savings, but it’s not the only determining factor. Home Science — there are many scientific calculations and specific components to take into consideration before purchasing the right system for your home. How large of a furnace you need to purchase will largely depend on the size of your home and how well insulated it is, the condition of the installed duct systems, missing or damaged air plenums, attic and wall insulation and more. After all, choosing a furnace that is too small for your home will only be overworked, or even oversized units that can cause short cycling  — both which may lead to early failure.

The best way to determine the size you need is to have an HVAC professional come to your home and perform calculations that will provide you with the best solutions for your home and your budget.

Can you be assured of a warranty?

the warranty they were promised. Heating systems are not “plug-and-play”, like a refrigerator or microwave. New heating systems require professionals who understand how to properly install every aspect of the components. If installed incorrectly, or there is evidence of unprofessional installation, the warranty is null and void. You’ll notice that they state they won’t warranty anything purchased online “unless installed by a licensed contractor”, so great, you’re covered, right? That’s where the problems come in. You see, because the lines start to get blurry between what problem was created by installation issues, sizing issues, airflow issues, or actual equipment issues, both the installing contractor and retailer have reason to point at each other as the problem, with you in the middle.

If a homeowner contracts with a licensed HVAC company to supply and install a new unit and there is a problem, no matter if it’s an equipment issue or an install issue, it’s the contractor’s problem, not the customers. If deemed a manufacturer problem, the contractor has to work that out with them directly…but if you didn’t purchase the equipment from them directly, that’s another story

In the end, you will always get what you pay for.

The air conditioner or furnace you bought online is definitely too good to be true. You may be saving money now, but over time you will reap those costs in the form of inefficient performance and replacement costs sooner rather than later.

Hiring the right local contractor may cost you more now, but his expertise is invaluable when it comes to finding the right system to meet the heating and cooling needs of a home your size and in your area. He is trained and qualified to know just what system is right for you, and he can also inspect other things, such as duct work, that will affect the performance of your HVAC system.

The fact is, most of the people out there who are selling furnaces or cooling systems on the internet bought them wholesale, and are only doing so in attempts to turn a quick profit. Your actual well-being after making the purchase is in all likelihood, the last thing on their mind. They aren’t looking out for you, so it’s even more important that you look out for yourself, and really take the time to think about it before buying a furnace online. It may seem like a nice, convenient bargain, but the odds are it’s going to come back to bite you down the road.

For over 60 years and three generations, Gandy Installations has been proudly serving the Fraser Valley area for their residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. They stake their reputation on the thousands of happy customers who trust the folks at Gandy to put their family’s comfort first.

Remember — we’re here for you literally 24 hrs — 365 days a year. If you have any questions about what to do when your furnace stops working, the best way to save on your heating and cooling costs, or any home comfort related question, give the friendly folks at Gandy a call at 604-543-5555 or contact us at our website.

Heat Up BC

Gandy Installations is working with Lennox on a Project called Heat Up BC. We are the first Dealer in BC to participate! Here is some general information about the project so everyone is aware.

We are looking for nominations of someone you know who needs a helping hand.

On Saturday October 7, Dealers across Canada and the sates will be installing donated furnaces from Lennox to the selected nominee. Lennox donates the furnaces, Gandy will donate the installation materials and a few of our Installers have already signed up to donate their time.

The Nomination deadline is Tuesday September 5th

For more details and to nominate a family in need, go to http://heatupbritishcolumbia.ca

Low Bidder

The Low Bidder By Jim Olsztynski

Although this tongue in cheek piece was not written by us, it rings true to so many contractors doing business in the Lower Mainland. So many people focus on trying to be the lowest price out there. Rest assured that this is not what we do! Gandy Installations focuses on finding the highest quality equipment and materials, as well as doing the absolute best job that we can. Sometimes this comes with a bit of a higher price, but it’s like the old cliché says “You get what you pay for” and “The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of a low price has faded from memory”. We will not cut corners, or use inferior products or materials. We want your equipment to last you as long as possible, and provide you the most superior home comfort that can be offered! We’ll leave the low bidding to the competition!

Enjoy the article: 

Dear Potential Customer,

You don’t know me but you’ll love doing business with me, because I’m always the low bidder. No matter what price anyone else quotes you, I guarantee I can do the work cheaper.

What’s my secret? Simple. I keep overhead down. Other companies inflate their costs by paying high wages for top-notch workers. They’re too stuck up to hire the people so desperate for work that they will take any job offered them. Not me. Just like you look for the low bidder, I search for help that will work for as little as possible. And then I’m a merciless boss. Think of me as a throwback to the good old days when workers were expected to put in a week’s work for a day’s pay. If they don’t like it, they can go back to ripping out asbestos or whatever it was they used to do before I came along.

Nor do I pamper my workers with costly benefits like health insurance, paid holidays and so forth. Most of my help doesn’t stick around long enough to collect on any benefits anyway. The money I save goes into your pocket when you hire me because I’m the low bidder.

Another reason I’m the low bidder is because I don’t overpay for high-grade equipment when I know I can get stuff a lot cheaper that will work okay for a pretty long time. Do you realize that a lot of tools and equipment they use might actually outlive the plumbing contractor? What’s the point in that? When you really think about it, your best value comes from stuff that will collapse shortly after the owner does.

The same holds true for office machines, vehicles and all the other expensive things it takes to be in business nowadays. Fortunately for you, I save money by not splurging on the best. Also, I don’t buy anything until it’s absolutely necessary. Everything in my gar… uh, shop, dates back to the ’70s and ’80s when things didn’t cost nearly as much as they do now. I believe in using things until they fall apart. My trucks have the baldest tires in town. I make do with dull bits and rusty wrenches. Maybe this means my people have to use a little more elbow grease, but that’s their problem. It saves you money.

Another big cost saving is insurance. You wouldn’t believe what they charge for premiums nowadays. Yet on the vast majority of jobs, it’s a complete waste of money. So I don’t bother with it. It’s a lot cheaper to just keep telling my workers to be careful.

Another big waste of money is all those licenses, permits and other regulations the government is always telling me to comply with. Aren’t you sick and tired of big government? Just hire me, and I’ll show you how to dodge all that red tape.

How can I possibly be the low bidder on every job? People sometimes ask me that. They wonder how I can guarantee being the lowest even before I know what the other guys are bidding.

I’ll let you in on my secret. Because I’m such a sharp businessman, I simply refuse to be underbid. Show me anyone’s job quotation, and I’ll figure out a way to do it for less. I can always shave expenses a little more by cutting corners on labor or materials and employing other tricks of the trade, even if it means short shifting someone else’s job.

Another thing is, most contractors are greedy. They try to make money on every stinkin’ job. I know I can’t do that and still be the low bidder, so I don’t even try. Fact of the matter is, I lose money on most of my jobs. I believe in making it up in volume.

Some of my competitors are so greedy they expect people like you to pay enough to let them live in a nice house, drive a new car and put their kids through college. They don’t understand that this is trade work, and we’re not entitled to make as much money as lawyers and bean counters and all those other office folks who wear ties to work. I know my place. That’s why I’m the low bidder.

You might hear some of my competitors badmouth me because of the way I do business. They’re just jealous because I get so much work. Being the low bidder, I always have more work than I can handle. But rest assured that no matter how busy I might be, I would never turn down your job. I need that volume.

So quit messing around with all those companies that charge more than you want to pay. Just give me a call, and you can be certain that you’re doing business with the low bidder.

I guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth.