We just purchased a 2,600 sq ft home in Langley. In the morning the furnace runs for over half an hour to bring the temperature up four degrees, also, the flame cycles on and off a lot. Is that normal?

What size and efficiency is your furnace?

The furnace is 60,000 btu/h, 80% efficient

Your house needs at least 52,000 btu/h to be properly sized. Your furnace only has an output of 48,000 btu/h so it is too small for your home. The reason the flame cycles on and off is because the thermostat pre-anticipates the temperature in the home so it doesn’t overshoot the set point. You really need a larger furnace.

I have hot water heating. What can I do about cooling my house?

It depends on what type of hot water heating you have. If you have baseboard style, then all we can do is install a whole new system to cool your house, but if you have in floor or slab style then we can in some instances cool the floor down to 65° Fahrenheit and provide some cooling that way.There are also systems available called ‘ductless mini-splits’ that can be used to cool your home as well. Call today for more details

What about the swamp coolers?

A swamp cooler or evaporator cooler uses water sprayed or dripped through a membrane with a fan to evaporate the water giving it a cooling effect. The problem is that you are adding a lot of humidity to your home, which can cause long-term damage and promote mould. I would strongly recommend against using this type of cooler

How do I know if I have a boiler or a furnace

If you have ductwork and floor vents, you have a furnace. If you have radiators or in-floor heating, you have a boiler.

Are there any rebates available for upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace

There are often rebates from both the utilities and furnace manufacturers. Check in with us to see if there are currently any rebates available or check our “promotions” page!