Don’t be left out in the cold — get your FortisBC rebate now!


We’re only a few weeks away from that moment when the skies darken, the winds start to blow. You’ve got a stew on the stove, and a pumpkin spice latte in your hand. The kids are at school. It’s time to celebrate all that is Autumn.

Until you consider your heating bill that is.

If your furnace has been working away in it’s little enclosure for ten years or more, we understand the idea of home comfort and your furnace going sideways isn’t necessarily what you want to hear.

But the truth is, replacement of your furnace couldn’t happen at a better time. There are some excellent choices out there for every budget, and to make things even easier, FortisBC is offering some time-limited rebates to help you with your purchase. But like any big decision, there’s a learning curve and a bit of planning needed.

Of course there’s always a few things to consider: How long do you plan to stay in the home? What furnace is in there currently? Have you had an audit? Let’s see the energy bill, how big is the house, is consumption out of line? If the furnace is oversized, replacement will have more benefits than if it is not. Would you be replacing with top of the line, or same with same (communicating, modulating, ECM blower, or another middle/bottom line unit)? These are a few questions that need answering to determine the right answer for you.

20-year-old furnaces or boilers are not very efficient at all. At the 20 year point you are overdue for replacement. Furnaces wear down over time, becoming increasingly more inefficient. If your furnace is between 15-20 years old, you’ll benefit from replacement. Some manufacturers even say 13-15 years is the replacement range.

Swapping a furnace with 80 percent efficiency for one with 96 percent efficiency can cut heating bills by 20 percent according to HGTV’s This Old House. Increased efficiency also helps to protect the planet by reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Have hot water heat? Upgrading your boiler will not only improve efficiency, but can also free up space in your mechanical room and reduce noise levels as well.

Gandy installations installs high-efficiency, wall-mounted condensing boilers, heating only models with independent or side-arm water heaters, and Combi boilers, capable of heating and hot water applications within a single unit.

If you’ve been noticing that your heating bills have been getting larger, there are cool and warm spots throughout the house, the thermostat just can’t keep up to your needs, it’s time to take advantage of the FortisBC rebate, and phone Gandy Appliances for a free estimate. A new furnace will not only bring you more comfort, and energy savings, but will also bring value to your home if you’re planning on re-selling in the near future. The helpful people at Gandy aren’t there to sell you what they think works for them —they are looking at your needs and helping you find what works for you.

Replace your old natural gas furnace or boiler with an eligible ENERGY STAR® model and you could qualify for a rebate of either $500 or $700 on a furnace, or $500 on a boiler. Find out more online at:

When you schedule an appointment with Gandy, one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will provide assistance in helping you select a HVAC (gas or  boiler)  that best meets your needs and budget. We also do our very best to have your heating system upgrade installed as soon as possible. In some cases we can schedule your installation within a day of receiving your call.