Air Conditioners 101

SUMMER! It’s that time of year again in the Lower Mainland, and if you’re blessed to have the convenience and comfort of an air conditioner in your home, those hot and humid summer days will not pose the threat of sleepless nights, restlessness or irritability that a stifling hot home can bring.

You already know that wonderful feeling of spending a day at White Rock with family, not so wonderful sitting in rush hour traffic, or mowing the lawn, and that awesome “welcome home” feeling of opening your door to a comfortably cool interior.

You have that happy grin on your face, when friends come to visit and they are awed and surprised at how comfortable and cool your home is. We get it. It’s cool —  to be cool.

However, it’s important to understand that operating your air conditioner properly can save you energy costs and won’t tax your equipment unduly. Now that you’re used to an air-conditioned environment, you want to protect and preserve your HVAC unit as best as possible.

Here’s a few tips to keep your house cool, and your air conditioner happy!

Keep It On

Don’t set the thermostat down low when you turn the unit on or make constant adjustments. It will take the house the same amount of time to cool down to your desired temperature. Constant changes not only cause more energy use by fans, but lead to fluctuating temperatures. Turn your AC on first thing in the morning, and don’t wait until it actually gets hot inside. Air conditioners are designed to maintain a temperature, not necessarily lower it several degrees in a short period of time.

Keep Your Cool

It might be tempting to have your house below 20c or 70F, but logically, throughout the year, your home is not that cool.

Set your “AC” to the warmest temperature you can live with — and leave it there. Keeping indoor temperature as close to outdoor temperature as you can stand provides the best efficiency and most comfortable conditions. When your air conditioner is set below 20c or 70f there is not a lot of heat energy left in the air to be absorbed by the indoor coil, which can cause your unit to freeze, and can be quite hard on the compressor located in your outdoor unit.

Help it along

Think about turning off typical heat sources, such as lights, heat producing appliances and ovens. Put your range and oven on vacation and embrace the barbecue and outdoor dining Your AC unit won’t have to work as hard to keep the house cool.

Keep It Clean

Never run an air conditioner with a dirty filter or litter in the aluminum blades that protect the condenser coils in the outdoor unit or behind the front panel of a window unit. Obstructing either limits the movement of air that is essential to your air conditioner. The less freely air circulates around the condenser and compressor coils, the harder the blower and fan have to work to send cool air into the building’s interior and vent hot air away from it. Vacuum or replace filters and clean delicate aluminum blades with a soft brush, when the unit is not running.

A happy AC is  a well-maintained AC

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