Save Energy and Money with British Columbia’s Rebate Programs

LiveSmart BC rebates — To meet their air conditioning requirements, BC homeowners can qualify for LiveSmart BC heat pump rebates of up to $2,500 in both South Coastal BC and Interior & Northern BC for a new heat pump. The BC government’s LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive Program provides rebates up to $7,000 and more for home energy renovations through the LiveSmart BC rebate program, which is in effect until March 31, 2013. Click here for more

Home Energy Audits — To qualify for Government of BC’s LiveSmart air conditioner rebates, BC homeowners must get a home energy audit before and after their new cooling equipment installation. The BC government’s LiveSmart BC program subsidizes the cost of your first home energy audit. Click here for more

Home Renovation Tax Credit — Many homeowners in British Columbia use “tax credit” to describe a grant program like LiveSmart BC rebates. The original Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) expired in 2010. With today’s 2011 “tax credit” programs there’s no need to wait until you’ve filed your annual income tax return to receive a home renovation tax credit. Your tax-free grant money will be sent within 90 days of your follow-up energy audit. Click here for more

LiveSmart BC rebates

A new air conditioning system is just one way to save.

Get combined tax-free BC rebates of up to $7,000 and more for:

Home Renovations — Windows, doors, insulation, and air sealing

Equipment — Furnaces, heat pumps, hot water heaters, boilers, geothermal heating, solar panel hot water systems, HRV, low-flush toilets, and more …

BC homeowners can choose from a shopping list of renovation rebates from the Government of BC:

  • Insulation — ceiling + wall + foundation, up to $3,850
  • Furnaces — high-efficiency gas up to $700
  • Heat pumps — air-source heat pump which doubles as air conditioner up to $1,600
  • Water heaters — condensing gas $300
  • Water heaters — tankless/instantaneous gas, condensing-type $300
  • Boilers — high-efficiency gas up to $700
  • HRV — heat recovery ventilator up to $1,100
  • Solar — hot water system $500 — the City of Vancouver offers an additional $3,000 incentive
  • Geothermal — ground- or water-source heat pumps which are energy-efficient heating and cooling systems up to $2,500
  • Air conditioning — up to $2,500 (Heat pumps for energy efficient heating & cooling)